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Google Play store which is also known as Google Play, is the digital marketplace or a distribution service which is developed and operated by Google. It is also considered as an app store for Android devices. Users can browse through the different applications listed on the diverse categories and download applications.

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These are applications that are developed on the Android SDK platform and published through the Google Play store.

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If you are wondering the kind of apps that are available through Google Play store they are the following:

  • Google Play offers music through its Play Music app.
  • Google Play Books is another section of this marketplace.
  • Google Play Movies & TV and Google Play Newsstand are other sections that are popular.
  • Most browsed is the Google Play Games.

If you are wondering whether you have to download these apps separately, that is not necessary. With the comprehensive Google Play app you will be able to access all three separate sections and more. You can even find dedicated sections of functional apps that come of diverse uses. Again, most retailer and merchant apps are made available for free through this marketplace.

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You might wonder whether there are other stores that offer Android apps and what makes Google Play the premier place for Android apps. Here are the main points to consider:

  • Google is the main contributor for the development of the Android platform, the marketplace that it offers as well as open source tools for app development makes it the best and reliable place for Android apps.
  • Apps that are offered through Google Play are validated and then offered for download by the different users.
  • Widest range of Android apps is available through Google Play than through any other app marketplace.
  • Apps offered through Google Play are recommended for updates as and when updates are due.

These are some of the compelling reasons for which Google Play is the premier and most reliable platform to find Android apps. Android apps are easy to find through Google Play. They are either free of cost or are paid apps that are available for download. As most Android devices come with Google Play app pre installed, it makes it easy for users to use the app in order to download apps that they want on their device. The installation happens automatically and there are no hiccups faced when it comes to operating the apps that are downloaded through Google Play.

If you look at the history of Google Play store, it was first launched in March 2012. It signified the merger of Google Music, Google eBookstore and Android Market which existed separately. Today all the different sections like Google Play Games, Google Play Books, Google Play Newsstand and Google Play Music are all merged under the Google Play banner. There are billions of downloads and millions of apps published through this platform.

play store for android

If you own an Android device, it is easy to download Android apps through the Google Play marketplace. Most smart phones and tablets that are based on the Android operating system usually are pre loaded with Google Play. This app makes it easy to simply open up a Google account and start downloading Android apps through it. However, there might be certain instances when the marketplace app might not be found on your Android device:

  • You might own an old version of an Android smart phone or tablet which does not have any app pre installed.
  • You might have reset your device and reverted to factory settings, removing all apps installed on your device.
  • You might accidentally remove the app from the list of apps installed on your device.

The above reasons are some common reasons which can explain why you do not have Google Play with your device. You will face specific problems when you do not have this app on your Android device:

  • You will not have a reliable platform through which you can download Android apps.
  • It is difficult to download Android apps directly through the mobile browser.

For these reasons you will want to download Google Play on your device. The process of downloading the app on your Android device is an easy one:

  • You need to ensure that you have a data connection or Wi-Fi connection for the Android device.
  • Open your mobile browser.
  • Here you need to open a search engine.
  • Type in Google Play latest version Android app to find relevant results.
  • You will be provided a link for downloading the apk file of Google Play store.
  • You might be warned as per the security settings on the phone or tablet.
  • Allow the download to take place and choose to install the apk after checking the relevant security conditions.
  • Once the app is installed, you need to open an account with Google.
  • If you already have an existing Gmail address, the same can be your login ID for Google Play store.
  • Once the account linkage is completed, the app is ready for use.

You can then browse through the different apps and download the same. You will also be able to update apps through the Play store and review apps through the interface of the application. These and several other functionalities are offered by this versatile Android marketplace.

You might own an iOS device. Apple offers its own range of phones and tablets which have dedicated apps for use. These are downloaded through iTunes, which is the official app store for all iDevices. Indeed the iOS being a proprietary platform, only apps that are downloaded through iTunes can work on the Apple devices.

There are certain advantages that Google Play store app offers:

  • If you compare the apps available on iTunes and Google Playa, the versatility and range of choices are higher for the latter platform. That is mainly because of the versatility of the Android platform.
  • It is an open source platform, there are more developers contributing to different Android apps which are made available for the users.

For these reasons, you will surely love the apps that come on Google Play store but not on iTunes. Indeed, Google Music, Google Books and other categories are widely popular the world over. If you have purchased an Apple device, there is no reason why you should be deprived of the versatile Android apps. If you are wondering how to get the Android apps on your iOS device, here are the steps to follow:

  • Log onto iTunes on your iOS device.
  • Find the Google Play store app that is available on iTunes.
  • Click to download by agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  • Once the download is completed, you can then proceed to install the same.

Previously the Google Play store app was not made available through iTunes. In such a case you had to download an Android emulator app that would allow you to download Google Play app. Today this step is not necessary as iTunes offers the right version of Google Play. When you download Android apps through it, these apps create their own compatible ecosystem that allows them to run on the iOS platform.

The above steps help you to find the right ways to get Google Play on your Android or iOS device. There are several ways you benefit by downloading Android apps through Google Play:

  • As your Google account is linked to this app, you will be able to link your different devices for automatic downloads.
  • If you are opting to download a paid app, the payment can be made through the payment options that are offered through your Google account.
  • You can read reviews of the apps before you download.
  • When you visit Google+, you will find the apps that are used by your contacts and what they have to say about them.
  • The apps are listed on the main interface as well as in different categories in the drop down list.
  • Here you can find free and paid apps in different categories.
  • You can read through the reviews and description of apps before you download any app.
  • Many apps come with ads which are mentioned before you make a download.
  • The apps are usually validated on the platform which ensures that no harmful malware will be downloaded when you choose to download an app through Google Play.
  • Your Google Play account maintains a history of the apps that you have downloaded through the interface.

The above reasons are some of the many reasons that you should opt for the Google Play store when you wish to download any app for your Android device. Even on an iOS device, it is possible to explore the different Android apps as well through the Google Play store which is available through iTunes. Apps downloaded through Google Play are reliable and are updated as and when required. That ensures that the apps you are using are updated and reliable and will function right. Usually the updates take place when there is a Wi-Fi connection. This ensures that your mobile data is not used up significantly with regular updates.

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