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The first thing to do is to check the current version of the Google Play with your device. It is important to have the latest version of the app in order to enjoy all facilities.

play store free app

If you have pre-installed Google Play Store app and it is out of ate, then you can visit the Play Store app and update your app to the latest version.

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How to download Play Store on Android devices?

What if your new Android device does not come with a pre-installed Play Store app? There is nothing to worry. You can easily download and install it on the device.

  • The Google Play Store can be found from trusted sources online in the form of APK file.
  • Download this APK file on your mobile device or computer. If it is downloaded on the computer, make sure that the file is transferred on to the device to use it.
  • Go to the Google settings and enable the ‘unknown source’ option in the settings option.
  • A warning message will pop up on your screen. Tap on the ‘Ok’ button to enable the install APK file from unknown sources.
  • Open a file browser and then move on to the location where you have put the Google Play Store APK file.
  • Find it and then tap on it.
  • Read the permission changes that will show up on the next screen and then click on the install option.
  • Once the installation is over, the latest version of Google Play Store will be seen on your device.
  • After this, make sure that you disable the ‘unknown sources’ option that you had enabled to carry out the installation of the Play Store APK file.

How to download Play Store on iOS devices?

If you desire to have the entire Google Play Store app options and features of your iOS devices, then follow these steps.

  • You should first jailbreak your iPhone. Choose a jailbreak that works on iPhone and ensure that you download and install the software from reliable and trusted sources.

Next, you should install Cydia and Bootlace on your device. Once done, you need to launch the Cydia on your device.

  • Choose the ‘Manage’ option and then look for “edit” option and tap on it.
  • Next, look for “Add” option and tap on it. Now, type the web address of Cydia and then install it on your device followed by the installation of the Bootlace.
  • Run the installed Bootlace on your device and then reboot the iPhone.
  • After this, open the iBoot and install from the Bootlace. Once iBoot is installed, look for the iDroid button and install it on your device.
  • This download will take some time. The iDroid is the customized Android operating system for the iPhone.

Once the iDroid is installed, you need to shut off the iPhone. Boot it uses the Android iOS and by doing so, you will be able to access all apps offered in the Google Play Store.

play store app download

If you are using an Android mobile phone, then you would have come across the Google Play Store pre-installed app on the phone. This is the official app store for the devices that run on the Android operating system. Though this app, users will be able to download any app that they come across in the App store. It is the digital media store to get access to books, music, movies, television and magazines. The apps that you like can be downloaded instantly onto your Android devices, be it a Smartphone or a tablet.

What does the Play Store app offer?

The Google Play Store is the official app store to get access to millions and millions of applications that are categorized under various options like movies, music, sports, Television programs, books, etc. There is no dearth of the kind of apps that you would find in this official Play Store. Whether you like to learn to play the guitar or would like to use an app to take clear photos or would like to listen to your favorite pop icons, you would find the app you want on the Play Store.

play store free download

The Google Play Store started as Android Market and it was rebranded as Google Play Store in 2012 with the joining of the Android Market and Google Music services. There are over 2.7 million free and paid apps on offer at the official Google Play Store. The store also offers you access to more than 40 million songs from all over the globe. The Play Store app is pre-installed on all Android phones that you can buy from the market. Once you get the app and tap on it, you will be taken to the Google Play Store app homepage. Here, you will come across many sections for movies and TV, Android apps, books, news, music and more. Tap on the option that you want and you will be directed to that option’s homepage from where you can locate the app that you need by searching in the search box.

Once you download and have the Google Play Store app on your devices, you can visit the store by tapping on the Play Store icon. You will be instantly taken to the Play Store app page where you will find many sections like movies and TV, books, news, music, Android apps, etc. Just need to tap on the option that you want and then check out the various third party apps offered under each section. To choose one, you just need to tap on the icon and you will be directed to that app’s main page. If you like what the app offers, just choose the install option and tap on it. The app will automatically get downloaded to your device.

The popular Play Store apps

The following are some of the apps that you would be interested in.

  • Movies & TV

By using this Google Play Store app, you have the option to check out thousands of quality video and movie content and popular TV shows that are further categorized into various sections so that you can easily find the genre you are looking for. You have options to browse the movies by name of the production network, actors, actresses, release date, etc. There will be a trailer of each film that you can see on the screen apart from the details of the cast and crew, the reviews, and the movie description.

  • Books

By taping on the books option, you will be taken to the digital world of books where you can buy or rent out the digital version of the popular books. They are also offered in various sections like comics, textbooks, children’s books, fiction, romance, and many more genres. You also have the option to store your eBooks on the Google Play and read it at any time that you want.

  • Apps section

The Google Play Store apps section is a very popular section and this is where you will find millions of Android apps from third party developers. You have the option to view the apps like popular apps, recommended apps for you, newly added apps, updated apps, and also by choosing apps by category like music and audio, games, family, etc. No matter what type of app you want, you are sure to find one in the Google Play Store app section.

  • Music

This is one of the most popular app sections of the Play Store. There is a huge set of music albums, songs, and singles that you can buy or listen for free through this app section. You can also store the music that you love on your Google account and the music that you have in your Google account can be streamed on your computer or mobile device.

  • Newsstand

This is an app section for anyone interested in reading magazines on various topics and also gets you access to many news outlets. You have the option to choose categories like science and technology, women’s lifestyle, home and garden, health and fitness, cooking, etc., on your mobile device at anytime and anywhere.


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